Energizer wireless charger

Energizer wireless charger

Energizer Qi wireless chargerEnergizer was founded just before 20th century with a batter of 3 pound and an electric flashlight as their first product. Over the years they have become the leaders in manufacturing batteries and flashlight throughout the globe. Energizer wireless charger is the future of electronics charging facility. It includes an induction charging stand with two rechargeable batteries. The product is simple yet convenient. The method is just to drop and charge.

 Energizer wireless charger is an officially licensed ‘Energizer’ product. It is eco-friendly and uses rechargeable batteries. It includes features like magnetic cradling which helps in the optimal placement of the device which needs to be charged. The USB charging facility which comes with it helps in charging a third device.

Features- Energizer wireless charger has Qi, which is the new universal language of charging. It helps in charging any Qi device today, or in the future or beyond. It includes two large charging zones for uninterrupted charging of devices. The customer can enjoy freedom of placement with no hidden spots or annoying magnet which would align to charge the device. The indication ensures complete charging of the device being charged. The standby mode ensures intelligent charging, thus preventing overcharging of the device, when fully charged. This is definitely the key to the future of electronics charging facility. This indicates the advancement of science thus helping in mankind. The AC adapter is just plugged into the charging pad and no other plugs needed for the devices which are charged. The wireless charger can provide 15 watts of power making it comfortable for three devices to charge at the same time without any interruption. The Energizer wireless charger is durable only for house usage. But it is difficult to work under rugged applications. It is made of solid plastic which can resist decent falls only if the floor is not concrete. The automatic shutdown facility prevent excess amount power from going into the device once it is fully charged. It is the next generation of charging technology. The compact nature of the device makes it more durable than its larger competitors. But the charger also limits the number of electronic devices which can be charged at a time. The customer support offer is fair enough. But in the aspect of services and its durability, this wireless phone charger cannot be place at the top in the market.

Pro’s- Energizer wireless charger comes with an automatic shut down feature which ceases excess amount of power from going into the device once it is fully charged. The product is simple and convenient. The charger is awesome for devices like iphone3G/3GS and Blackberry Curve. The USB charging spot allows to charge a third device.

Con’s- Energizer wireless charger is compatible only with iphone 3G/3GS and Blackberry Curve. Other devices are not compatible with this wireless charger. The batteries does not lasts long as being mentioned by the company.

 Energizer wireless charger is definitely an innovative creation. Though it may not support a great number of devices, but it is a masterpiece. The best thing about the product is that you don’t need to plug the devices which are kept for charging. Only an AC adapter needs to be plugged with the wireless charger


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